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We invite you to join us and support us.

To support the Friends of the Seventy Association you can pay a voluntary amount to the bank account at BNP PARIBAS


“Man is great not because of what he has, but because of who he is and not because of what he has, but because of what he shares with others.”

Pope John Paul II

Our motto is: Together we can do more


Stowarzyszenie Przyjaciol Siedemdziesiatki (The Friends of the Seventy Association) was founded by the parents and teachers of Technical Schools Complex (ZST) in Plock, Poland. It  was registered in the National Court Register on April 19, 2016 in Warsaw.

 The aim of the Association

  1. supporting and financing the activities promoting the school and its history;
  2. working to develop the school’s equipment base and to create better conditions for didactic and educational work;
  3. supporting the development of tourism, chess and other sports disciplines;
  4. raising the qualifications and professional skills in various fields;
  5. supporting and financing the School Brass Orchestra;
  6. social assistance for disadvantaged students and teachers and service staff of the Technical Schools Complex in Plock;
  7. promotion and organization of volunteering.

Stowarzyszenie Przyjaciol Siedemdziesiatki  (The Friends of the Seventy Association) pursues its goals through:

1) cooperation with the school management, institutions, clubs and organizations operating in the school;

2) cooperation with the authorities, institutions and related organizations, as well as national and foreign associations;

3) organizing and conducting of various qualification and educational courses;

4) undertaking activities in the field of technology, culture, art, sport, the protection of cultural goods and the national heritage;

5) organizing or co-organizing technical and sports events, cultural or entertainment events, chess tournaments, camps, as well as conferences, trainings, workshops, etc .;

6) running clubs and sports teams;

7) managing the association’s website;

8) carrying out various projects thanks to the funds from the European Union and other institutions;

9) transfer of money and goods to support the school needs and its equipment;

10) financial and organizational assistance during the school ceremonies, competitions and sports competitions organized at ZST in Plock;

11) promoting the achievements of the school and students;

12) providing financial or material assistance for the students, teachers and service staff of the Technical School Complex in Plock;

13) organizing catering during the meetings with volunteers and donors.

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